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Vegan Backpacking


I recently hauled myself on a 20-day trek through the Slovakian and Polish mountains. My 65-L backpack tipped the airport scales at a whopping 18 kg. Jack got stuck with our shared tent, first aid kit, and other group gear, so it's safe to say most of my pack weight was, you guessed it, food.

I am going to talk a bit about food for backpacking here. This was my first time doing something like this, and so I am by no means an expert and have a bunch to learn. It is also worth noting that I am not a nutritionist, and everyone's bodies and specifically their guts are different.


Stegastomp 2024


Stegastomp has come and gone, leaving behind memories of a raucous (!) contra dance weekend in a charming village hall near Warwick. The event featured incredible music by Contrasaurus and their many friends, a band I've since learned has been playing for quite some time.

This year marks my first foray into folk festivals. Having only discovered folk music and dancing last year, I was initially hesitant to dive into the festival scene. However, I've now experienced my first IVFDF in York, my first Chippenham Folk Festival, and now Stegastomp. With each event, I feel more connected to this vibrant community.


On Death


I've had a lot of friends die in my life. Some were closer to me than others, but each death has been painful in its own way. When I was younger, I believed in an afterlife - a "shiny place up in the sky" that would welcome me after death. That belief was comforting. It made the prospect of dying less terrifying and tragic.

But now, when I contemplate death, whether my own or others', all I see is an endless void. Consciousness ends, experiences cease, and the person is simply gone. Perhaps if I still held my former faith, losing people would hurt less.